Electronic and Computer Engineering

Electronic and Computer Engineering

H634 BEng Bachelor of Engineering: 3 year
H635 BEng Bachelor of Engineering: 3 year (with year in industry)
H639 MEng Integrated Master of Engineering: 4 year
H638 MEng Integrated Master of Engineering: 4 year (with a year in industry)

Computers are all pervasive. Almost every aspect of daily life from shopping in a supermarket to flying abroad depends on highly sophisticated computing systems.

  • The challenges in designing and delivering effective, safe and cost efficient systems require a complex integration of application knowledge, software and electronics, interfaced to a rapidly changing world.
  • With continuing advancing technologies, high expectations of users and increasing statutory requirements, the need for suitably qualified and accredited engineers is as important as ever.

Our BEng and MEng degree programmes in Electronic and Computer Engineering aim to equip those seeking a broad view of these systems.

Unlike pure computing degrees which often concentrate on the software, scientific and mathematical aspects of computing, our degree programmes aim to provide a much wider range of engineering skills, particularly in hardware and electronic systems.

The courses within our degree programmes cover both hardware and software technologies and an understanding of their application to the design of systems, from the smallest embedded micro-processor to global communication systems.

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