‌‌The continuing growth of the Electronics industry has ensured that the demand for engineers is significantly greater than the supply. Opportunities for electronics graduates are diverse and substantial and our graduates encounter little difficulty in obtaining jobs, mostly in well paid and rewarding areas.

The employment ‘success’ rate for Electronic Engineering graduates from York is in excess of 90% - well above the national average for the subject. For those wishing to take different career paths, the transferable skills gained on our courses are recognised by employers as highly valuable.

Because of the wide range of opportunities available, our graduates enter all sizes of firm, from multi-nationals to small businesses, and some have even started their own companies. Others choose to continue their studies to MSc or PhD (doctoral level) or go into teaching. A selection of graduate profiles provides an insight into the variety of jobs our students have entered. The University has a large careers service to provide advice and assistance finding jobs. The department also has it's own dedicated Careers Advisor.

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