Overall  I was very impressed with
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constant, strong support.”

Physics trainee

The programme develops trainees’ school experiences in order to explore some of the wider concerns of Physics and Science teachers today, and provides opportunities to broaden professional experiences. There are sessions that are particularly important for Physics teachers: teaching forces, electricity or energy.

An effective Physics teacher must also develop his/her pedagogical subject knowledge specifically related to teaching Physics: for example, the effective use of practical work in Physics, the teaching and learning of key Physics ideas, and the teaching and learning of Physics beyond the classroom.  Sessions are provided that focus on these areas for Physicists as well as other sessions in the other two Sciences. Subject knowledge is provided via a peer teaching programme.

Want to apply?

Trainees come to the course with a range of qualifications, employment backgrounds and interests. Throughout the course you will be encouraged to work collaboratively, sharing this wealth of experience, knowledge and technical expertise.

All applicants must have an honours degree with at least 50% of the qualification being relevant Physics at 2:2 or above. Examples of such degrees include Physics, Astrophysics and Physics with Philosophy.


Physics UCAS codes

York (Y50) F3X1

The Pathfinder Alliance (1VU) 2FG5

Yorkshire Teaching School Alliance (15X) 2WFR

Diocese of Middlesbrough Teaching School Alliance (2KH) 39MT

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Louise Mason/ Simon Quinnell