Teaching Scholars 2016/17


NameEmail  Modules currently teaching on
Casalis, Andre ac1736@york.ac.uk

Mathematics I (Autumn)
Economics II: Macroeconomics (Autumn and Spring)

Chang, Hui-Lan hc1135@york.ac.uk Principles of Corporate Finance (Autumn)
Structure and Regulation of Financial Markets (Spring)
Cheng, Yao yc861@york.ac.uk Economics I (Autumn and Spring)
Mathematics II (Autumn and Spring)
Elsayed, Sara smhe500@york.ac.uk Statistics I (Spring)
Economics II - Macroeconomics (Autumn and Spring)
Garcia-Lazaro, Aida ajgl500@york.ac.uk Mathematics I (Autumn)
Macroeconomics I (Autumn and Spring)
Econometrics II (Spring)
He, Zhechun zch501@york.ac.uk Probability I (Autumn)
Summer Session - Microeconomics
Maths Drop-Ins (Autumn)
Khan, Mashrur mmk521@york.ac.uk

Macroeconomics II (Autumn, Spring, Summer)
Commodity Markets (Spring)
Maths Drop-Ins (Autumn)

Li, Lisha lll509@york.ac.uk Principles of Corporate Finance (Autumn and Spring)
Structure and Regulation of Financial Markets (Spring)
Luo, Weijie wl695@york.ac.uk

Microeconomics II (Autumn and Spring)

Olivier, Junius jmo506@york.ac.uk

Microeconomics I (Spring)
Applied Economics (Autumn and Spring)
Political Economics (Autumn)

Profumo, Fabio fp662@york.ac.uk Probability I (Autumn)
Mathematics I (Autumn)
Robson, Matthew msr513@york.ac.uk Microeconomics II (Autumn & Spring)
Econometrics II (Spring)
Rochanahastin, Nuttaporn nr708@york.ac.uk Economic Data Analysis (Spring)
Economics II - Microeconomics (Autumn and Spring)
Rossi Silveira, Rafael rrs513@york.ac.uk Economic Data Analysis (Spring)
Macroeconomics I (Autumn and Spring)
Macroeconomics III (
Ruankong, Pornpun pr729@york.ac.uk Macroeconomics I (Autumn and Spring)
Skarda, Ieva is526@york.ac.uk Microeconomics I (Spring)
Microeconomics II (Autumn and Spring)
Vigyan vv555@york.ac.uk Macroeconomics II (Autumn, Spring, Summer)
Economics II - Macroeconomics (Autumn & Spring)
Vincent, Oluwaseyi ov513@york.ac.uk Economics II - Microeconomics (Autumn & Spring)
Wang, Liqiong lw540@york.ac.uk Statistics I (Spring)
Xu, Yidi yx819@york.ac.uk Economics II - Microeconomics (Autumn and Spring)
Cost Benefit Analysis (Autumn)
Zhang, Dongna dz582@york.ac.uk Macroeconomics I (Autumn & Spring)
Structure and Regulation of Financial Markets (Autumn)
Maths Drop-Ins (Autumn)
Zhang, Xiaoge xz781@york.ac.uk Economics I (Autumn and Spring)