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Nigel Rice



Nigel Rice is Professor of Health Economics in the Cente for Health Economics and Department of Economics and Related Studies.

His research interests focus on the application of quantitative techniques to the analysis of micro-datasets, particularly panel survey data. Current research activities include investigating the determinants of health and use of health care, socioeconomic inequality, the evaluation of health care initiatives, the interface between health and labour markets, wellbeing and survey methodology.

Nigel is an associate editor of the Journal of Health Economics and served as a co-editor from 2010 to 2017. He is a committee member for the Department of Health's technical advisory group (TAG) for resource allocation.

Departmental roles


  • Director, Health Econometrics and Data Group (HEDG)
  • Research Champion
  • Departmental Research Committee
  • Performance Reviewer


  • Senior Management Team (EXEC)
  • PhD Students
  • Performance Reviewer

Curriculum vitae



  • The application of quantitative techniques to the analysis of micro-data to inform health and health care policy through empirical evidence
  • Investigating the determinants of health
  • Socioeconomic inequality in health and health care
  • Computing behaviour of well being/health
  • The evaluation of health and health care initiatives
  • The interaction of health and labour market outcomes
  • The allocation of NHS resources

Research group(s)


Current PhD students 

  • Rita Santos - joint with Hugh Gravelle
  • Chiara Pastore - joint with Andrew Jones
  • Toshiaki Aizawa - joint with Andrew Jones
  • Ivan Ochoa Moreno - joint with Andrew Jones

Completed PhD students:

  • Roberto Leon Gonzalez: Acceleration of Markov-Chain Monte Carlo Algorithms in Bayesian Panel Data Models, with Applications to the Study of the Relationships between Socio-Economic Status and Health (completed 2003)
  • Rodrigo Moreno-Serra: Policy Evaluation and the PSF Programme in Brazil (completed 2009)
  • Casey Quinn: The Health Economic Applications of Copulas: Methods in Applied Econometric Research (completed 2007)
  • Silvana Robone: Essays in Applied Economics: Evidence on Health and Health Care in Italy and the UK (completed 2008)
  • Eugenio Zucchelli: Essays in Health and Labour Market Outcomes (completed 2009)
  • Mauro Laudicella: Econometric Studies of Hospital Care Utilization in England using Administrative Data (completed 2010)
  • Pedro Rosa Dias: Essays on Inequality of Opportunity in Health and Human Development (completed 2010)
  • Paolo Li Donni: Modelling Unobserved Heterogeneity in Health and Health Care: an Extended Latent Class Approach (completed 2010)
  • Ijeoma Edoka: Essays on Parents' Socioeconomic Status, Child Health Outcomes and Smoking Behaviours (completed 2013)
  • Iftekher Hossain: Measuring the Impact of Health Policies and Programmes in Developing Countries and Potential Solutions with Applications to Bangladesh (completed 2013)
  • James Lomas: Essays on Assessing Methods for Modelling the Distribution of Healthcare Costs (completed 2014)
  • Dan Howdon: Essays on the Longitudinal Analysis of Health and Healthcare Data (completed 2015)
  • Chen Chen: Health Economic Analysis of China's Health Insurance System (completed 2017)
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Contact details

Nigel Rice
Centre for Health Economics



  • First Year: ECO00017C  Economic Data Analysis I
  • Third Year: ECO00006H Health Economics


  • MSc: ECO00026M Health Economics

Office & feedback hours during term 09:00-10:00 Tuesday and 14:00-15:00 Wednesday.
Please note, due to Covid-19, these will be carried out virtually via Google Meet (or similar).
Other times may be available by email appointment.