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Professor Zaifu Yang



  • BE(Xidian)
  • MS(Xidian)
  • PhD(Tilburg)

Director, Centre for Mechanism and Institution Design.
Editor, Journal of Mechanism and Institution Design.

Departmental roles

  • Member, Departmental Research Committee
  • Performance Reviewer
  • PG Module Review Committee
  • Programme Advisor, Joint degrees (Mathematics & Economics)



Economic Theory, Game Theory, Auction/Mechanism Design, Consumer Theory, Financial Economics, Economic Growth, Tax Reform.


Selected publications

 (A full list of publications can be found here: Publications-of-Zaifu-Yang 2018 (PDF , 115kb)‌)

Full details of publications can be found at RePEc

"Efficiency, stability, and commitment in senior level job matching markets", Journal of Economic Theory, 194 (2021) 105259, joint with Ning Sun.

"Efficient kidney exchange with dichotomous preferences", Journal of Health Economics, 80 (2021) 102536, joint with Yao Cheng.

"Random decentralized market processes for stable job matchings with competitive salaries", Journal of Economic Theory, 165 (2016) 25-36, joint with Bo Chen and Satoru Fujishige.

“An efficient and incentive compatible dynamic auction for multiple complements,” Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 122, No. 2, (2014), 422-488, joint with Ning Sun.

“A competitive partnership formation process,” Games and Economic Behaviour, Vol. 86, (2014), 165-177, joint with Tommy Andersson, Jens Gudmundsson, and Dolf Talman.

"On Revealed Preference and Indivisibilities," Modern Economy, (with Satoru Fujishige), Vol. 3 No. 6, 2012, pp. 752-758.

"Constrainedly fair job assignments under minimum wages," Games and Economic Behaviours, (with T.Andersson and L.G.Svensson), 68, (2010), pp.428-442.

"The average tree solution for cooperative games with communication structure,"  Games and Economic Behaviours, (with P.J.J.Herings, G.van der Laan  and D.Talman), 68, (2010), pp.626-633.

"Discrete fixed point analysis and its applications,"  Journal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications, 6, (2009),  pp.351-371.

"A double-track adjustment process for discrete markets  with substitutes and complements,"  Econometrica,  (with N.Sun), 77, (2009), pp.933-952.

"A dynamic auction for differentiated items under price rigidities,"Economics Letters, (with D.Talman), 99, (2008), pp.278-281.

"Competitive outcomes and endogenous coalition formation in an n-person game," Journal of Mathematical Economics, (with N.Sun and W.Trockel), 44, (2008), pp.853-860.

"On the solutions of discrete nonlinear complementarity and related problems," Mathematics of Operations Research, 33, (2008), pp.976-990.

"Equilibria and indivisibilities: gross substitutes  and complements," Econometrica, (with N.Sun), 74, (2006), pp.1385-1402.

My Edited Books

Herbert Scarf's Contributions to Economics, Game Theory and Operations Research,

  • Vol.1 Economics and Game Theory (ISBN 9781137024343)
  • Vol.2 Operations Research and Management (ISBN 9781137024374)
  • Vol.3 Production in Indivisibilities: A Contribution to the Theories of Large Firms (ISBN 9781137024404)
  • Vol.4 Applied Equilibrium Analysis (ISBN 9781137024435), Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2013

Work in Progress 

  • On the Existence of Stable Social Economic Networks (2009), with Ning Sun.
  • The English Housing Market Mechanism (2011), with Yuan Ju.
  • A New Theory of Marriage (2013), with Ning Sun.



Second Year

  • Mathematics II


  • Advanced Microeconomics
  • Design and Analysis of Mechanisms and Institutions

Professor Zaifu Yang 

Zaifu Yang
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