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Alcuin College Tutors

Our Alcuin College Tutors are there to make your time here as healthy and problem-free as we can. For most people, coming to University is a major life-changing opportunity which can bring with it new types of stress and unfamiliar feelings, such as homesickness. Our College Tutors are there to help.

They are a team of postgraduate students who live in residence with you. They provide confidential pastoral care, so that if you are experiencing any difficulties can talk to a friendly face in confidence. They are available from 09:00 until 18:00 hours and work closely with the College Manager and the College Administrator. 


In an emergency, always contact security on 01904 32 4444 or freephone 0800 43 3333.

College Tutors 2019

Alcuin College Tutor 2019


Alcuin College Tutor 2019


Alcuin College Tutors 2019


 Alcuin College Tutors 2019



We encourage you to explore activities outside your studies while you're here. The University of York Students' Union (YUSU) offers over 180 student societies to explore. Joining a society is a fantastic way to meet like-minded people and make new friends. You can indulge in interests you already have, or take the plunge and try something completely new. Along the way, you can develop skills highly valued by employers. Browse the full list of societies and find one that you think would be perfect for you.

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C‌‌‌ontact one of our Alcuin College Tutors via email.


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