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Equipment User Guide
Panasonic HC-V160 Basic Video Camera

Kit Contents:-

  • Panasonic HC-V160 video camera, including Tripod shoe, Battery, 64Gb SD card.
  • 3m USB Cable for connecting to PC and PSU
  • USB SD Card reader
  • Power supply
  • Instruction card

AV Workshop - 01904 32 3035 / x3035 -
Duty Technician - 01904 32 3036 / x3036 - (Diverts to mobile)

Identifying Controls and Accessories

Bottom of cameraTop of camera

The camera is supplied with a tripod shoe, 64Gb SD Card and a battery.

Camera controlsCamera Screen

The camera can be powered from the battery (this will need charging before use), or directly from the mains supply using the power supply and USB cable provided. The camera can NOT be powered, or battery charged, whilst connected to the USB port on a computer.

The memory card supplied will allow approximately 5 and a half hours of recording time in iFrame format (*.mp4 video file) which is ideal for using on the web / VLE and general purpose playback.


Check that all of the accessories (battery, tripod shoe and SD card) are with the camera.
Set up the camera on the tripod as required, open the LCD screen and connect the camera to the mains supply using the PSU and USB cable provided.
Press the power button on the side of the camera to turn it on and check that the lens cover is open. The switch is on the opposite side of the camera.
Using the LCD screen, set up the shot you wish to record. Use the zoom lever on the top of the camera to make the image appear closer / further away.
Press the record button on the back of the camera to start and stop recording.


To download content, connect the camera to a computer using the supplied USB cable. The camera will appear as a drive and the files can be copied to your local drive. Alternatively the SD card can be removed from the camera and plugged into the included card reader and plugged into the computer.

To format the SD card and delete all content, press MENU, DOWN and ENTER (Setup), scroll down to page 5 and select FORMAT MEDIA and confirm twice.



The tripod supplied has extendable legs (4 sections) to enable allow the greatest possible working height from a compact tripod. Open the lever on each leg, slide out the legs to the required height then close the lever again to lock the legs in place.

Open the lever at the top of the tripod to allow the camera shoe to be dropped into / taken out of the locating hole.

This tripod uses a friction wheel on the handle to maintain the position of the head. release the wheel to adjust the position of the camera (pan / tilt) and then tighten the wheel to hold the camera in this position.

Returning the Equipment

Please ensure that you have copied all content off the camera and that all accesories are in the case and the kit is left at the agreed location by the end of your booking for us to collect.

We will format the SD card once it is returned to us and all content still on the card will be PERMANANTLY DELETED.

Need More Help?

If you need urgent assistance, please call the duty technician on x3036 (01904 32 3036). This will be transferred to a mobile phone after 30 seconds.
If you have equipment booking queries, please consult the attributes list on the web, or call 01904 32 3035.
If you have technical queries, please call the workshop on 01904 32 3035.
We can provide 5 minute briefings at the start of your teaching session - these are bookable on our standard equipment booking form.
We can also provide 1 to 1 and group training sessions on request. Please email to arrange these.
Please report all faults with this equipment as soon as possible, to enable us to repair them quickly.