This video guide is applicable to rooms: AEW/003, AEW/104, ANC/114, ARC/014, ATB/056, ATB/057, B/B/002, B/B/006, B/B/103, B/K/018, B/M/023, B/M/052, B/R/012B, B/R/016, B/R/112A, B/R/212B, B/T/005, B/T/019, B/T/105B, BS/005, C/A/101, C/A/102, CSE/082, CSE/266, D/L/002, D/L/028, D/L/036, D/N/056, ENV/005, ENV/008, F/CENHL, G/N/169, GN/120, K/133, LMB/002A, LMB/030, LMB/031, MJ, P/L/001, P/L/002, P/L/006, P/T/006, P/T/007, P/X/001, PS/A/202, PS/A/203, PS/B/020, PS/C/003, PZA/103, RCH/037, RCH/248, SLB/118, V/045, V/N/123, W/N/222

Please note:

If you do not use the radio microphone, what you say may still be picked us by the other microphones in the room.