Commission research and knowledge exchange with us to deliver on innovative ideas and concepts.

When collaborating with us for research, an agreement will be required. Here, we've provided explanations for the contracting positions that we take in collaboration agreements and the justifications for those positions.

For ease of reference, we've referred to any third party collaborating with us as a 'collaborator'.

Types of collaboration

There are different ways you can collaborate with us and access our knowledge:

  • As a co-applicant for public funding from a public body, such as the UKRI (
  • As the sole funder of a research project
  • As a participant in a collaboration between us and other universities or businesses, who have complementary interests
  • Through a studentship, which involves sponsoring a PhD student to undertake a
    research project, either through full or partial contribution to this funding
  • By engaging with the University as a consultant or service-provider.

The contracting process

As part of any collaboration, the University enters into contracts with third parties. Your contract will be drafted and/or reviewed by our Research and Knowledge Exchange Contracts team (RKEC). Find out more about the University’s contracting positions and explanations as to why these are in place:

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