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Our entrepreneurial, outcome-driven approach provides a strong platform for companies to spin-out of research activity.

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                                                                                                   Skillsforge Ltd                                                                                      

Skillsforge's postgraduate progression and supervision solutions help institutions to get the best out of their students throughout their entire journey, from admissions to examinations. Streamlined, tailored processes possess a fully-integrated course booking system and skills framework, with bespoke forms and workflows that can integrate with your existing student records and HR systems. With SkillsForge, you can achieve best practice in postgraduate progression monitoring and supervision, student journey management, skills management and course booking.

Sentinel Medical Limited

Sentinel Medical logo

Sentinel Medical exploits ways to detect and monitor bladder cancer. The company is currently testing live samples which have been provided by bladder cancer patients who are undergoing treatment for their condition. If the results of these tests are positive, the company will launch its plans to develop a point-of-care instrument that will diagnose and monitor bladder cancer from urine samples.

Ngenics Global Limited

Ngenics logo

Ngenics apply bio-inspired computation to semiconductor designs. Using evolutionary algorithms and experience developed over 20 years of working in this field, ngenics has developed a circuit design tool that simultaneously optimises multiple critical design objectives, providing a range of optimised design solutions. Use of the MOTIVATED design tool can accelerate time to market by reducing the time taken by your engineers to explore optimised alternatives and find the best optimum solution and circuit parameters for the design module in hand.

LightOx Ltd.

LightOx Therapeutics logo

Developing new therapeutic solutions to improve early-stage mouth cancers patient’s function and long-term outcomes.

LightOx are developing a portfolio of light-activatable cytotoxic therapeutics that have been formulated for use in Mouth Cancer treatments via a topical delivery method. Their targeting small molecule drugs act as selective therapeutics where uptake and activity preferentially occurs in cancerous cells.

ClearSky Medical Diagnostics Ltd

ClearSky Medical logo

ClearSky Medical diagnostics Ltd specialise in developing technologies for the diagnosis and monitoring of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative conditions.Their clinically-validated medical devices have been used in medical centres and clinical trials worldwide. The result is a portfolio of non-invasive devices that provide a safe, quick and objective assessment of patients’ symptoms.

Cizzle Biotech Holdings PLC                                                                                                                                    

Cizzle Biotech has developed a prototype confirmative test to address the false positive rates of CT scanning to avoid unnecessary invasive testing and costs. The test is intended to address a clear unmet clinical need - the early detection of lung cancer, when curative surgical resection is possible.

Earthbound Scientific                                                                     



Earthbound Scientific provides novel, cost-effective eco system monitoring platforms for terrestrial Greenhouse Gas exchange. These systems are versatile and can be used in a range of systems: arable crops, grasslands, coastal wetland, and forest soil.                                                                          

Asuuta Ltd

Asuuta has developed an award-winning treadmill based system that combines motion capture technology with virtual reality to aid in the rehabilitation of stroke patients. Patients receive visual and auditory feedback from their movements in real-time and can practice real world tasks without the risk of hurting themselves. The clinician gains key diagnostic metrics and can track a patient’s recovery over a number of sessions as well as having access to an advanced task editor enabling them to ensure every session is tailored to the patient’s needs. By using proprietary software running on mostly off-the-shelf hardware components underpinned by advanced medical expertise, StroMoHab is able to apply cutting-edge clinical rehabilitation for stroke and other gait-impaired patients at a highly competitive price.  Earthbound Scientific provides novel, cost-effective eco system monitoring platforms for terrestrial Greenhouse Gas exchange. These systems are versatile and can be used in a range of systems: arable crops, grasslands, coastal and wetland, and forest soils.

Phorest Diagnostics                                                                             

Phorest is developing a disruptive, hand-held technology for near patient testing and monitoring that is sensitve, quantified multiplexed and cost efficient.


TSP Teacher Success Platform

Innovative solutions for identifying and developing successful teachers. TSP is a leading provider of research-based recruitment and development tools. Our school-based simulations help you identify and develop effective teachers, mentors and school leaders. TSP's solutions have been implemented across the globe with over 120,000 educators across all career stages.



Mesenbio are developing a new method for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis based on nano-sized 'messengers' created from engineered human stem cells that not only curb inflamation but can kick start the process of regenerating damaged tissue.






Spin-out share sales statement

The University’s overall policy is not to invest in listed shares.  When the University comes into possession of listed shares (for example through a bequest) then those shares will be disposed of as soon as is practical at the prevailing market price.

The University acknowledges that the above policy may not be appropriate in situations where it has received listed shares following the IPO of a spin out company.  In these circumstances, the University recognises that a sale of its shares may either not be possible given the level of trading in the share, or might damage the longer term prospects of the company and its ability to raise further equity funding.  As a result, in this situation, the University will hold the shares until such time that it is able to sell them without disrupting the orderly functioning of the market in those shares.  Such a disposal may encompass all or part of the University’s shareholding.  It is likely that the University will seek the views of the company’s broker or other advisers and board of directors before taking such a decision.


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