Bringing together one of the UK’s largest groups of researchers working on leishmaniasis, York Biomedical Research Institute is the only centre where research encompasses the full life cycle of the Leishmania parasite.

Our research spans molecular parasitology, immunology, animal models, clinical research and clinical trials.

An important part of our work is our partnerships with researchers and clinicians in endemic countries

Ongoing projects

Immunology of leishmaniasis projects

  • Immune mechanisms underpinning host infectiousness in visceral leishmaniasis
  • The molecular pathology of skin lesions in tegumentary leishmaniasis
  • Identification of targets for host directed therapy
  • The haematological and neurological consequences of chronic infection
  • Regulation of immunity by non-coding RNAs
  • Conducting Phase II clinical trials of a candidate leishmaniasis vaccine in Sudan
  • Developing a human challenge model of cutaneous leishmaniasis

The Leishmania parasite projects

  • Protein kinases involved in the regulation of Leishmania life cycle progression
  • Proteolytic mechanisms involved in cellular remodelling
  • Motility of Leishmania RNA binding proteins and regulation of gene expression
  • Population genomics to identify virulence factors and evolution of drug resistance
  • Chemical and genetic drug target validation including structural analysis