Podcast: How Covid-19 has exposed inequalities in the UK food system

News | Posted on Friday 31 July 2020

The global pandemic has revealed fundamental issues surrounding food insecurity in the UK. Emerald Publishing join Bob Doherty and Madeleine Power, both at the University of York, to discuss how Covid-19 has exposed inequalities in the UK food system.

Empty Supermarket Shelves
Empty Supermarket Shelves

In the latest podcast from Emerald Publishing, YESI Sustainable Food Lead, Professor Bob Doherty and Dr Madeleine Power, ESRC Post-doctoral Fellow in the Department of Health Sciences, talk about how Covid-19 has revealed both the strengths and weaknesses of the UK food system while highlighting pre-existing inequalities. Bob and Maddy discuss: 

  • How does the UK food supply chain operate in a globalised system?
  • What role do food banks play in the lives of low income households and how have they been affected by disruptions to the food supply chain?
  • How did initial stockpiling affect food supply and what did it mean to food banks?
  • What do food banks reveal about the precarious relationship between the public and private sector?
  • Are food banks meeting the needs of an ethnically diverse population?
  • How does academic research reach practitioners in the field and how do they use it?

Read the full open access article How COVID-19 has exposed inequalities in the UK food system: The case of UK food and poverty.