YESI Seminar and Social

News | Posted on Tuesday 14 October 2014

On 21st October at 5pm YESI's first visiting Research Fellow, Dr Jose Manuel Echavarren, will be presenting his multi level analysis of the rise in environmental concern using the World Values Survey and objective indicators of environmental degradation from 50 countries.

Visiting Researcher Jose Echavarren
Visiting Researcher Jose Echavarren

To recognise his contribution to YESI’s work as our first visiting fellow, and to introduce the recently appointed YESI Research Leaders, the seminar will be followed by drinks and canapés in the Atrium at 6pm

Jose has been based in YESI for six months, working on modelling the social, economic and environmental factors which influence why socieities care about issues like pollution; is the rise of environmental concern around the world due to the impacts of global environmental deterioration on the level of environmental awareness, or is it more influenced by personal values and income and the state of the national economy?

This is also an opportunity for YESI to introduce our three Research Leaders; Professors Alistair Boxall, Jane Hill and Bob Doherty who will be co-ordinating and shaping YESI's three research themes, 'Sustainable Environments', 'Global Change' and 'Future Food and Fuel'.

Registration is free and simple, so come and join us for some drinks, canapes and conversation!

Notes to editors:

Dr José Manuel Echavarren is a lecturer in the Department of Sociology, Universidad Pablo Olavide, Sevilla, Spain