Social Media and the horse-meat scandal

News | Posted on Wednesday 1 October 2014

A York Managment School academic, Dr Mike Tse, has been given a British Academcy grant to use social media to explore consumer attitudes towards food fraud.

York management school academic Dr Mike Tse
York management school academic Dr Mike Tse

Dr Mike Tse from The York Management School, with his co-researchers, Professor Bob Doherty and Dr Philip Garnett (both from The York Management School),  have been awarded a British Academy Small Grant to use social media to investigate consumer perceptions of food fraud during the scandal last year when ready meals were found to be adulterated with horsemeat.

The team will be using an archive of Tweets to examine how responses from the supermarket chains and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) influenced changes in public attitudes about the levels of risk involved and the quality of food products.

The results of the project will increase our knowledge about risk management and provide a powerful means to understand the social impact of food fraud.

Notes to editors:

Professor Bob Doherty is YESI research leader for the Future Food and Fuel theme