Why is no one talking about the Environment when it’s so important? York academics challenge the Remain and Leave camps to start talking about the UK's Environment.

News | Posted on Saturday 18 June 2016

At a debate held at University of York, hosted by the York Environment Sustainability Institute (YESI) academics and members of the public debated the implications of the referendum for UK environmental policy. At a lively event the different outcomes following the referendum were debated.

The EU Referendum: Risks and Opportunities for the UK Environment

Sue Hartley, YESI Director, stated:


Dr Charlotte Burns, Senior Lecturer in the University of York’s Environment Department and lead author an expert review on the why EU membership has affected UK environment policy, said:

"The environment has been largely absent form this debate which is regrettable, as the expert consensus is that on balance the EU has been positive for the UK’s environment. It has secured protection for wildlife and cleaned up our beaches and improved air quality. The global challenges we face mean that we need to work with our neighbours to secure a better quality of environment for all. The EU allows us to do that."

Jeremy Franks said:


Mike Childs from Friends of the Earth noted that:

"As a campaigner of long-standing I have no doubt that the EU has played an important role in strengthening environmental protection in the UK, and that the EU offers us an opportunity to push for higher international standards."



Notes to editors:

‘The UK Referendum and the Environment - An expert review: How has membership affected the UK and what might change in the event of a vote to Remain or Leave?’ is by: Charlotte Burns, Andrew Jordan, Viviane Gravey, Nathalie Berny, Simon Bulmer, Neil Carter, Richard Cowell, Joe Dutton, Brendan Moore, Sebastian Oberthür, Susan Owens, Timothy Rayner, Joanne Scott and Bryce Stewart.

The review is an impartial analysis, funded by The UK in a Changing Europe, of the extensive academic literature on EU and UK environmental policy and practice. It summarises 700 publications. For more information, and the full report, please visit: http://environmenteuref.blogspot.co.uk/ and follow on Twitter @EUrefEnv