Healthy Body Healthy Mind Programme

Physical activity can boost your mental health and wellbeing. We can help you give it a try!

The Healthy Body Healthy Mind Programme allows a limited number of students the opportunity of supported access to York Sport facilities. The aim is to give students (with an identified need) opportunities to take part in physical activity as a way to promote positive physical and psychological wellbeing.

How does it work?

You'll be issued with a six week membership wrist band to use York Sport facilities at a substantially reduced cost. The York Sport lead will provide an induction and discuss what you want to get out of the programme. You can devise a personal exercise plan.

The Open Door Practitioner will contact you via email during the programme to discuss how you are using it and what benefits you are getting out of it. This contact is an essential part of the programme and the feedback is vital to ensure continued support for the programme.

It is important that you are keen to engage with the programme and are committed to trying to get what you wish to out of it. You should be prepared to respond to emails from the Open Door & Disability Practitioner.

How can I join?

To be referred, you must have attended at least one appointment with an Open Door and Disabilty Practitioner. 

For Open Door appointments, complete the online referral form on our Help and Support page.