Accessibility statement

Consultancy, CPD and other projects

If your project is not a research project it may be classified using the list below. If your activity falls within one of these areas please contact your management accountant to set-up a relevant project code. If you require the project code for other types of expenditure see the Other project codes webpage.

Continuing education, short courses, CPD, conferences C
DFM university capital projects D
Other services rendered, consultancy E
fEC university-funded income/QR Q
Teaching and innovation awards T
Non-university activity X
YEC commercial activity Y

Contracts and confidentiality

Before you discuss your ideas with industry or other commercial organisations, it is advisable for both sides to sign a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement.  Please discuss requirements with the University's Acting Head of the Research and Knowledge Exchange Contracts Team Michael Barber

Studentship contracts and confidentiality agreements

When negotiating studentship contracts and/or confidentiality agreements you should contact the University's Acting Head of the Research and Knowledge Exchange Contracts Team Michael Barber in the first instance.  You must have an agreement in place before the studentship starts and you will be assigned an Agresso code to pay their costs from.

Costing consultancy/studentships

Costing all proposals is good practice and can help to ensure that all the relevant minimum costs are covered.  However it is not mandatory to use Worktribe for any activities other than research projects and work flow for Research grants and contract's approval is not used.  It should be possible to recover more than full cost in many instances of consultancy work.


Maintenance payments to students

For all students except AHRC-funded students, it is the responsibility of the department to arrange maintenance payments. The department will be given a code to charge these to and should liaise with the Payments Office to ensure the students are paid on time. If you are unsure of what to pay and when, you should contact Research Grants Operations. 

Student fees

This is dependent on the student's circumstances:

  • If they are responsible for funding their own tuition fees
    They need to arrange this directly with the Fees Office.
  • If the student is funded by any sponsor (except ESRC or AHRC)
    The fees are part of the total award made by the funder. The department needs to provide the Fees Office with a finance code in order to charge the tuition fees. This will also be the source of the student’s maintenance costs.
  • ESRC- or AHRC-funded students
    Dealt with directly by the Fees Office. Their tuition fees are paid separately from the maintenance award.

Other project codes

 Activity Code
Specific funds, grants, donations (not HEFCE/endowment) A
Buildings (estates) B
fEC cost recovery account F
HEFCE specific grants H
Miscellaneous and departmental funds/reserves M
Specific donations N
Pump priming awards P

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