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National Apprenticeship Week: Health Sciences

Posted on 6 February 2024

This week is National Apprenticeship Week.

 Here we present two case studies of apprentices studying in our Department of Health Sciences.

Ioana Triboi

Having been a healthcare assistant in care homes and in the NHS for a number of years, Ioana Triboi has achieved a Level 3 Apprenticeship as a Healthcare Support Worker.

Lyeanda Berry, Lecturer in the Department of Health Sciences, said: “Ioana has proved to be an excellent learner and has taken all opportunities available on the apprenticeship programme to develop herself professionally and personally.”

Ioana has participated in wider University activities, such as coming second in the Library Libinspo competition, and made a strong contribution to the department, by volunteering for projects including the development of the new Registered Nurse apprenticeship.

She successfully applied to become a panel member of the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE), and independently attended a Nursing Associate conference.

Generally, Ioana helps to facilitate a support culture within her group by creating an encouraging environment both in class and online.

She demonstrates initiative and leadership among her peer group and has also arranged group social events driving positivity and inclusivity.

Ioana’s future plans include progressing to the BSc Nursing programme to support her goal to be involved in nursing research. After a recent day with the York Hospital research team, she said: “I finally feel like I've found the people I was searching for, the ones who talk about their work with such passion. It was fantastic.”

Morten Krummel

Having completed an undergraduate degree in physiotherapy and four years of experience on the job, Morten Krummel decided to undertake an MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice at York using the apprenticeship route. 

Unfortunately he was not given the support he needed by his initial employer.

Despite this difficult work situation, Morten continued to engage with the course, attending classes even when on paternity leave. He managed to complete the first year of his apprenticeship, and found a new job that offered better support prior to starting the second year.

“I knew that I would struggle to complete the course if things continued the way they had through the first year of the programme. I had several interactions with university lecturers and staff from the apprenticeship team, who all assisted me with my ongoing struggles. 

“When it became evident that I would need to change employers, everyone associated with the University of York were supportive and helpful, enabling me to continue on the course with my new employer. This has had a significant positive impact on my quality of life, both professionally and privately, as well as providing clarity on where this apprenticeship can take my career,” he said.

Having completed his first year, he is now working on his second year and has a guaranteed job offer with his new employer on completion of the course.