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New guide to using print alternatives

Posted on 18 April 2023

As we look to reduce our environmental impact across the University, one focus is on cutting down on unnecessary printing across campus.

Opting for print alternatives where possible is not only more sustainable but using these alternatives can also help improve your digital literacy skills as the world moves increasingly online. 

A Green Impact team looking at how we can all reduce the amount we print across campus have created a guide on the print alternatives available to staff and students. 

The guide covers using the following tools:

  • Scanning to OCR PDF
  • Paperpile for working with PDFS
  • Using Digital Journal Articles 
  • Read&Write assistive software 
  • Orbitnote extension 
  • PDF reader in Microsoft Edge

If you do still need to print, the team have also created a few simple tips you can follow to avoid printer wastage which is both bad for the environment and can cost your department money.