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Green Impact Awards 2023

Posted on 28 June 2023

Green Impact is a programme supporting the implementation of environmentally and socially sustainable practices of staff within colleges and departments.

Every year we celebrate the efforts and achievements of all our teams at the University at the annual Green Impact Awards. Awards are presented to teams, both new and well established, who have made significant impact in their work area, in award categories Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. This year’s awards were presented by Vice Chancellor Professor Charlie Jeffery. 

A record number of the highest possible awards were achieved this year, with 17 platinum awards.   

In addition to the toolkit of individual actions seven Green Impact Projects looking at larger sustainability initiatives relevant to the specific team's areas also successfully achieved awards. These included a project on reducing printers across campus while at the same time educating on digital alternatives (saving 3.3 tons CO2 and 15,5000 sheets of paper) and Goodricke College creating digital copies of their welcome brochure, reducing printing from 700 to 130 by only placing hard copies in communal kitchens. 

Special awards were won by a number of teams and individuals: 

  • Jayne Blizzard (Sustainability Hero Award) for her inspirational leadership and making sustainability accessible to everyone 
  • Jodie Malcolm (Innovation for Engagement Award) for sharing best practice of laboratory equipment resale and reuse scheme to other departments
  • The team from OPPA (Community Action Award) for development of the Alumni Sustainability Network. 

The individual actions taken by the various Green Impact teams have collectively made significant impact at the University as a whole. Teams have been taking proactive steps to help address the environmental and climate crisis, while sharing best practice and innovative ideas to breed a culture of sustainability, wider than just their direct team members. 

If you would like to learn more about the Green Impact programme at UoY please contact