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2021: Next steps: all-staff briefing

Posted on 31 January 2021

We understand that your work and home commitments mean you might not be able to engage with a webinar at a fixed time.

So instead of a live webinar, we are presenting Vice-Chancellor Charlie Jeffery’s updates to you as a video that you can watch at your convenience, with a follow-up session to answer your questions.

  • On Monday 1 February we’ll share Charlie’s summary video. Please watch it at a time that suits you.
  • As we share the video, you’ll be able to submit your questions until 3pm on Wednesday 3 February.
  • You can vote on the questions. The most popular ones will be answered by Charlie.
  • On Thursday 4 February we’ll share Charlie’s video answering the most popular or upvoted questions.

We strongly encourage you to watch Charlie’s summary first before posting any questions, as he may address many of the points up front.

​Charlie’s talk will focus on the current Covid-19 challenges, including planning for potential extended restrictions, updating staff on arrangements for the rest of the Spring Term and into Summer Term, and how we continue to work in partnership with the City to support testing and the vaccine rollout.

He will also underline the University's commitment to supporting staff and wellbeing, and how we can look ahead to positive future progress, including our strategy development, to deliver on our commitment to public good.

Thank you for taking part. 

Watch the video and submit questions