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Improving space use and room booking on campus

Posted on 12 March 2020

Do you know that we have over 800 bookable spaces across campus ranging from the smallest meeting room to Central Hall?

Your feedback

Back in January we sent out a survey asking you about your experiences when booking meeting rooms across campus. Thank you to everyone who responded. Your feedback reinforced what we expected, with words such as “Clunky”, “Frustrating”, “Slow” and “Complicated” being used to describe the current situation.

We are pleased to announce that a project has been approved to deliver not only a new room booking system, but also a new timetabling and exam scheduling capability to staff and students of the University. The solution will be introduced through the Space Systems Improvement Project 2 (SSIP2).   

How will this affect me?

The space management tools currently in use at the University are no longer fit for purpose to manage our space effectively. The new systems will ensure you have the best software to hand to self-service your room booking experience. This will include the ability to book space when you are offsite, on any device, in a much faster, more intuitive and automated way.

We will continue to update you on the progress of SSIP2 on the campus development page. Why not take a look?

Visit the project page