Managing bookable spaces in a new way to make it easier, offer more choice, improve efficiency and support sustainability.

Current progress

We have now signed a contract with Semestry to procure their Term Time Timetabling application to replace Syllabus Plus. We will be working together to build the data integrations required to construct the 2021/22 timetable from February 21 onwards.

Project overview

The Space Systems Improvement Project (SSIP) aims to bring together creating the academic timetable, scheduling examinations and booking rooms for work, study and social purposes into a single, easy to use system.  This new software will be underpinned by the development of consistent and fair policies and processes for managing space.


The project is currently in the initiation phase and is due to be completed in the Spring term of 2021.  The new software will be introduced gradually, from the end of Autumn term 2020.


Across the whole University.


We currently use three separate legacy solutions to manage our bookable space.  These solutions are outdated, increasingly expensive to operate, no longer fit for purpose and not in line with the IT strategy.  Moreover, they block innovation which will benefit our students, staff and visitors.


The project will provide a better experience for students and staff when booking rooms.   Not only will it be faster and more intuitive, but it will also be easier to choose from a wider range of availability and book anytime and anywhere. 

The project will enable us to be more efficient in how well we use the space around us   making our activities more sustainable.

How will this affect me?

The project will benefit all students and all staff across academic departments, colleges, and professional support services.  A new policy for how space is booked will also form part of the project.


Contact us

More questions? Please email the Campus Development Team.

Contact us

More questions? Please email the Campus Development Team.