Accessibility statement

E-scooters on campus

Posted on 12 October 2020

This week will see the introduction of a small number of e-scooters to the University of York, as part of a trial being funded by the DfT, in partnership with the City Council, to encourage alternative, more sustainable ways to travel.

The e-scooters, managed by specialist company TIER, are available for both staff and students to use.  

Initially the e-scooters will be restricted to one specific route between Campus East and West. 

Where can I find an e-scooter?

A small number of e-scooters will be parked outside the Spring Lane Teaching Building on Campus West, as well as in the Campus East Bus Interchange Car Park. These are free to use to shuttle between east and west. 

How safe are they? 

Technology is built into the e-scooters to ensure they are only used on specific routes and parked in designated areas. They have a limited speed which automatically adjusts as the scooter enters areas with lower speed limits. Cycle helmets are built into the e-scooter. 

What do I need to do to use one?

Anyone wishing to use an e-scooter must download the TIER app and have their driving licence verified. TIER have also worked with the AA to create a wide range of safety resources designed to educate riders on safe e-scooter use, which we would advise anyone using a scooter to read.

Download the TIER e-scooter app