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The UK Coalition, Depoliticisation, and Economic Policymaking Since 2010

Thursday 5 June 2014, 5.00PM to 6:00 pm


This paper explores the continued relevance of Peter Burnham’s depoliticisation thesis for understanding the Coalition Government’s economic policy. It notes a number of institutional and policy changes that have taken place in this area since 2010, especially the increased powers enjoyed by the Bank of England over both monetary policy and financial services regulation. The paper argues that the depoliticisation approach remains relevant, but that party leaders have started to lose control over some of the reforms they have sanctioned since the global financial crisis. It discusses examples where political elites have tried to reassert political control, but suggests that such efforts have only met with limited success.  The paper concludes by speculating whether this attempted ‘politicisation’ of economic policy might continue to be a theme of decision-making over the coming years. 

Location: Derwent College room D/N/104