York Plasma Institute



The York Plasma Institute is dedicated to fully engaging with industry to strengthen existing links and to create new ones, to form collaborative projects, and to support local industry to make the region a hub for innovative plasma science and applications. The YPI has designated staff to work with industry and other academic partners to achieve these aims.


Industry for plasma science

The YPI is a hub for plasma science cutting across many areas of study. Completed in 2012, the York Plasma Institute laboratories provide state of the art facilties for collaborative work with industry and other academic partners.  The areas of research currently undertaken by the YPI are in low temperature plasmas, laser produced plasmas, and magnetically confined plasmas.   

Industry for fusion energy

The International Tokamak Experimental Reactor project (ITER) is a global undertaking, to demonstrate the physics and engineering systems required to obtain net energy output from fusion reactions. The multi-billion euro ITER device will be on a scale similar to that of a power station and will be constructed with effort from many countries.

Constructing a project of this scale means that over a period of 10 years there will be hundreds of contracts for European companies to bid for. More information about how industry can contribute to ITER can be found on the Fusion for Energy website.