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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), is a 3-way collaboration between a business, a skilled graduate (known as a KTP Associate) and a university to deliver a strategic, transformational innovation project in a business. KTP projects are part-funded by substantial government grants of up to 75% of the project's cost depending on the size of the business involved. Public sector organisations are now eligible to apply for KTP funding at a 50% grant rate. 

KTPs improve company competitiveness, productivity, performance and profitability by tapping into the knowledge, skills and expertise in UK universities and research organisations. The programme represents an extremely cost-effective means of introducing new skills into your workplace to resolve an ongoing challenge or issue.

There are two types of KTP - the standard KTP which was establised at the inception of the programme (45 years ago), and the Management KTP (mKTP) which is a relative newcomer. Both have the same aims of helping businesses improve their competitiveness, profitability etc. The KTP Team will help you determine which is the most appropriate route to take depending on your business need.  The structure of the KTP, including the application process, project fundamentals and support offered, are the same irrespective of which type of KTP is applied for.

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What is a KTP?

Information for business / not-for-profits

Explore the ways our research could help your organisation develop new insights and boost productivity.

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Case studies

Find out how different Businesses, Academics and Associates have gained value from the KTP programme

Information for academic staff

Unlock the potential of your research and test its application in real-world situations.

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Find out more about recent KTP activity and upcoming events

Information for KTP Associates

Find out how a KTP can give you your first Project Management role and have a real impact on your career.

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Further information to support the KTP programme.



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