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Information for KTP associates

KTP Associate is the name given to the position of the graduate leading on the delivery of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership. Each KTP has a minimum of one Associate employed, but there may be more than one, working either synchronously or asynchronously depending in the needs of the project. At York we have had several KTP with two associates which is the current maximum.

KTP Associates are employed by the University but are based at the business, and are supported both by a supervisor in the business and also at the University.   

What our Associates say about their KTP experience

1. What/who is a KTP Associate?

A KTP Associate (Associate) is the lynch pin of a KTP. They play a key role in managing and implementing strategic development in the company and transferring knowledge between the business and the knowledge base and vice versa. Associates own their project and are supported by experienced staff from the company and the university. Typical challenges encountered as an Associate, depending on your qualifications, include designing and introducing new or improved products or processes, re-organising production facilities, introducing improved quality systems and technology, or developing and implementing marketing strategies to break into new markets.

There is no such thing as a typical Associate. They range in age from early twenties to over fifty. Records show Associates from 58 nationalities were working in projects in 2018/19 and 65% have a higher degree. Just over a quarter of Associates across the UK are female, which means we do have some way to go in terms of improving gender balance. 

2. What are the benefits to being a KTP Associate?

Six key benefits for an associate involved in a KTP

After your KTP has been completed you may be lucky enough to be offered a post at the business you have been working in - almost 70% of Associates are offered a job where they are based. 

3. What support is provided to KTP Associates?

Starting a new role can be very demanding. In recognition of this fact and to ensure that KTP Associates do not feel overwhelmed, the support offered and provided to KTP Associates is significant. 

Very often KTP Associate positions are aimed at recent graduates, which means many candidates apply with no previous project management experience. If you are successful in an application then you will be supported throughout the KTP by your Company Supervisor, your Academic Supervisor, the KTP Team at the University and also the partnership’s KT Adviser from the national KTN network, who will act as a sounding board and mentor to you.

As you may have read, the KTP Scheme has been in existence for over 45 years, during this time some generic and frequently observed training requirements for Associates have been noted and these are addressed through two one-week residential training modules along with some on-line learning. The training programme is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to complete your project successfully. You will cover a range of topics that will help you to manage the project itself, manage people and improve your interpersonal skills, as well as providing a commercial context to what you are doing. These skills will not only help you with your current project but will also be invaluable in your future career.

Alongside the Associate training modules, Associates are also provided with an annual budget of £2000 to spend on training and development activities agreed with their Supervisors, and are encouraged to use up to 10% of their time on these. So conference attendance, training courses, networking events, professional memberships etc. can all be accessed by Associates. 

4. Where can I find out about current KTP Associate jobs?

The KTN (Knowledge Transfer Network) provides details of all currently advertised Associate positions. All KTP partnered with the university of York will also be advertised on our university recruitment pages