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Placements are a valuable way to gain real world experience and enhance your CV. Placement opportunities allow students to gain experience of Physics research and industrial projects in an applied setting. This enables students to make informed decisions on their career path and enhances their work place skill such as problem solving, teamwork and enhanced data recording. A placement project can be a rewarding experience that helps students to develop a variety of skills and experiences with many opportunities available as salaried work.

Research Projects

The Department offers a number of undergraduate summer research projects each year. These projects allow students the chance to conduct full-time research during the summer vacation. Projects are paid work funded by either the department or external funders such as the Nuffield Foundation and EPSRC.  On average the Department facilitates around 15 to 20 project students working in various research groups such as Plasma and Condensed Matter Physics.

Study Abroad

Studying or working abroad  during your degree is a life-changing experience that can boost your self-confidence and enrich your educational experience. The University offers a number of ways in which students can integrate studying abroad with their studies either through year abroad programmes or alternatively through shorter placements with international study centres and summer abroad exchanges.

Industry Placements

Our industry placements allow students to gain practical, real wold experience by expanding their degree with industry led undergraduate projects, summer and year long placements. The placements will not only provide valuable experience but also help enrich your CV by developing project management, teamwork, problem solving, organisational and communication skills in a commercial environment.