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100% student satisfaction at the intellectual stimulation provided in physics

Dr Roddy Vann Lecture Presentation

We offer a wide range of flexible courses taught by specialist at the cutting edge of their research fields

Students working on the Astrocampus radio telescope

Our department is rapidly expanding with significant major investment in our laboratories and facilities

An undergraduate student performing a fast-freezing experiment.

Excellent career prospects with over 80% of graduates in employment or study 6 months after graduating

Student Supervision Meeting with Dr Martin Smalley

We regularly achieve high student satisfaction and maintained excellence in our teaching quality

Students in the lab

All our courses are accredited by the Institute of Physics

Student Conducting Department Research

We offer a integrated Year Abroad and Year in Industry programmes alongside all of our Physic degrees

Undergraduate Study

Physics studies the fundamental forces of nature in order to understand the structure, function and workings of the world around us. Here at York our undergraduate degrees offer:

Teaching Education Framework -GOLD

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Download our 2019 Physics Undergraduate Brochure.

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