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Physics Review is a magazine for physics students studying for AS/A-level, Higher, Pre-U, IB or equivalent qualifications.  Articles in each issue explore physics in situations ranging from everyday applications to frontier research, while regular features by teachers and examiners provide guidance on maths, practical skills and tackling exam questions.  The magazine is published 4 times per year and is available only on subscription from the publishers.

The intention is to provide articles and features within the magazine that:

  • can be understood by and are useful to both year 12 (lower sixth) and year 13 (upper sixth) students;
  • support the exam specifications to assist insight, improve awareness and increase motivation;
  • illustrate physics in action to provide context and breadth of knowledge;
  • develop reasoning skills, problem-solving and examination technique;
  • provide deeper insights into selected areas, allowing the pursuit of specialised topics.

Above all, each article should be a good read, telling a story that describes some interesting physics. We will have succeeded if you feel motivated in your studies or are intrigued by something you’ve read in the magazine.

Physics Review also produces an online Magazine Update (formerly called the eReview). You can register for updates online for free.

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