Making sure no-one in York goes hungry

Posted on 30 May 2018

A University of York academic is to spearhead an initiative to make York a ‘resilient food city'.

Madeleine Power has been given funding to set up the York Food Poverty Alliance, a partnership between the University of York, the City of York Council, Community at Tesco, York City Football Club Foundation and community food organisations. The ultimate goal of the partnership is to make the city a place where no-one goes hungry.

Madeleine, who is a Research Fellow working on the IKnowFood project at the University of York, said the project will research and set up practical initiatives to tackle food poverty in York.

The project is funded by Food Power, who have given £10,000, with the City of York Council also allocating £10,000 of finances and resources to the project.

Madeleine Power said:

In the past year, 4,262 people received food assistance from York foodbanks through their four distribution centres throughout the city. Of this, 1,647 were children. York may appear to be a rich city, with the glimmering spires of the Minster towering over a booming tourist industry, but poverty is real – and growing. The York Food Poverty Alliance is determined to tackle growing food poverty in York. Over the next year we will shout about the depths and reality of food poverty in the city and work with the community to protect the wellbeing of all those who live in York.

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