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Our work on equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) is to ensure the School for Business and Society is a supportive, inclusive place to work and study with equal opportunity for all to succeed.

Our objectives

  • Develop and foster inclusive practices for engagement and communication on equality, diversity and inclusion related topics across the school, faculty and University.
  • Foster a supportive and positive working environment at the School.
  • Supporting a healthy work-life balance, mental health and wellbeing.
  • Empower colleagues regardless of contract type to develop successful careers.
  • Diversify our student base, emphasising widening participation across all our programmes.
  • Enable a sense of School belonging to all staff and students through recognising diversity and striving for equality.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The EDI Committee promotes engagement with EDI matters and aims to implement the Athena Swan Charter principles in the School’s life. The Associate Dean for Staff Development and EDI is the chair of the committee and head of EDI activity in the School.

The EDI Committee's activities include:

  • Identifying and implementing activities and initiatives around equality, diversity and inclusion within the School and its external engagements.
  • Ensuring that University policies on equality, diversity and inclusion are well-reflected in School's policies.
  • Liaising with relevant academic citizenship roles for the purpose of data collection and implementation of equality, diversity and inclusion activities.
  • Celebrating members of the community and their equality, diversity and inclusion successes.
  • Supporting Athena Swan work, in particular, scrutinising and directing progress against the Athena Swan Action Plan.
  • Providing a forum for equality, diversity and inclusion discussions and communicating the equality, diversity and inclusion work and initiatives throughout the School, Faculty and University.

Meet our EDI champions

We include equality, diversity and inclusion concerns at the strategic level as part of our discussions at the senior management team. I aim to create a nourishing work context that enables all staff to be successful in their professional journeys and achieve their development goals.

Professor Melanie Kreye, Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management, Associate Dean for EDI and Staff Development

Athena Swan

We received the Athena Swan Bronze award for the School in September 2023 in recognition of our work and commitment to promote gender equality. The School is committed to the Athena Swan Charter, and we are working towards achieving the Athena Swan Silver Award.

The implementation of our Athena Swan action plan considers an intersectional approach to equality and diversity issues. Our action plan focuses on:

  • Culture, by embedding equality, diversity and inclusion into departmental norms, processes and practices. These cover priority areas such as support for work-life balance and recruitment and retention.
  • Equality in career progression to the higher grades, staff training and career development support.
  • Improved gender balance and wider representation of staff and students in the Department. This includes priority areas such as student careers and employability and widening participation.

Athena Swan action plan (PDF , 280kb)

As Athena Swan Lead, I coordinate initiatives on gender equality, including implementing the Athena Swan Action Plan in our School. Being an EDI Committee member is a rewarding experience to contribute and work on efforts to ensure that our School is a supportive, inclusive working and living environment.

Nadina Luca, Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Athena Swan lead

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Forum Events

The EDI Forum

The School for Business and Society EDI Forum was launched in November 2023. It focuses on how best we can inspire a sense of community and belongingness for all students and staff at the School as part of our EDI strategy.

The EDI Forum provides a space within which to further engage with our staff and student community. The EDI Forum consists of a series of events over the calendar year to celebrate equality, inclusion and the diversity of both our staff and students at the School for Business and Society.

Neurodiversity at work

At this School for Business and Society (SBS) EDI Forum event, we focused on neurodiversity to mark the Neurodiversity Celebration Week, a worldwide initiative that challenges stereotypes and misconceptions about neurological differences.

The event provided a space for discussions and reflections on neurodiversity with staff and students. We welcomed Dr Josephine Go Jefferies, Newcastle University Business School, who presented her research and engagement activities to generate discussion about neurodiversity at work.

Members of staff and students attending the EDI forum opening event.

I believe that universities as institutions play a vital role in achieving equality in society as a whole, and influencing and changing EDI policy and practice within the School will impact society more widely.

Naomi Finch, Senior Lecturer in Social Policy, Athena Swan Co-Chair

Supporting staff and students

At York, we have various sources of support and information about equality, diversity and inclusion.

Regular events are held to raise awareness of present-day barriers and highlight ongoing work to remove such challenges across the University. 

University-wide initiatives

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