The Impact Factor

Posted on 6 November 2018

A new film showcases the impact of business schools across the UK.

Presented by Natasha Kaplinsky, The Impact Factor reports on the often unheralded impact that business schools have on the UK’s economy and on society more widely. From Airbus in North Wales, to a successful tech start-up in the Midlands, to hairdressers in Southampton, all have benefited from working with their local business schools.

Case studies from the York Management School highlight our work with public health organisations grappling with challenges from investment decisions to employee wellbeing.

Anne Kiem, Chief Executive of the Chartered Association of Business Schools, highlighted the opportunities and challenges that face UK business schools today, saying, "UK business schools are already among the best in the world in teaching the managers of tomorrow and addressing societies grand challenges through research. Unfortunately, these contributions often go unrecognised.

"This programme shows why business schools deserve the same level of attention from policymakers as other leading disciplines, and what they can achieve with the right infrastructure and support. We are proud to present this project as evidence of why business schools matter.”

The Impact Factor was produced in partnership with the Chartered Association of Business Schools and ITN Productions. Watch the full programme here.