Laptop loans

Laptops are:

  • For use in the Library only
  • Available for up to four hours
  • Provided on a first come first served basis
  • Available to students only

You can borrow laptops from the Morrell Lounge in the University Library or from the King's Manor Library Help Desk.

The laptops are set up for wifi and printing and provide access to your personal filestore and Microsoft Office.

Please see the tabs below for more information about borrowing a laptop.

Borrowing and returning a laptop

University Library


If there's a problem with a laptop or you need assistance, please speak to a member of staff at the Library Help Desk.

80 laptops are available for loan in the University Library. 50 are provided in the cabinets against the far wall of the Morrell Lounge opposite the Help Desk, and a further 30 are in the cabinets on the ground floor of the Fairhurst Building, opposite the lifts.


  1. At the cabinet, hold your University card against the black card reader until you hear a beep.
  2. Check details on the screen, then open the locker illuminated with a green light by pressing the black button. If you don't press the button, it will time out and re-lock.
  3. Unplug the laptop from the power cable inside the locker.
  4. Close the locker door firmly.
  5. The time the laptop is due for return will be shown on the screen. You will also receive an email confirmation and you can check your Library Account.
  6. After the laptop is issued, log on with your University username and password. 

Once issued, please do not leave the laptop unattended in the Library. If you need to leave the Library, please return the laptop to the cabinet.

When you borrow a laptop, it should have enough battery charge to last for four hours. If you need a charger for your loan laptop, please speak to a member of staff at the desk


Laptops should be returned at the cabinets.

  1. Hold your University card against the black card reader until you hear a beep.
  2. The correct locker door will open automatically.
  3. Place the laptop in the locker and plug in the power cable that is already in the locker.
  4. Close the locker door firmly.

King's Manor

10 laptops are at the King's Manor Library. They can be borrowed and returned from the Help Desk there.

Terms and conditions

  • Laptops can be loaned for up to four hours.
  • If you do not return the laptop after four hours you will be charged £1 per hour or part of an hour, until it is returned.
  • Laptops are not to be taken out of the University Library (Fairhurst, Morrell and Burton) or the King's Manor Library. The laptops are security tagged to prevent this.
  • If you lose the laptop you may be charged the cost of a replacement (currently £567)
  • If you damage the laptop you may be charged for the cost of repairs or replacement (max £567)
  • If you borrow a power supply and lose it, you may be charged for a replacement (currently £18)
  • Any issues with the laptop or the loan cabinet should be directed to the Library Help Desk.