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About NVivo

About the software

NVivo is a qualitative data analysis (QDA) software package. It has been designed for qualitative researchers working with very rich text-based and/or multimedia information, where deep levels of analysis on small or large volumes of data are required.


NVivo 12.1 is installed on all IT Services classroom PCs and is available for all other University and personally owned staff and student PCs; please see the Obtaining the software tab.

Obtaining the software


NVivo is installed on all IT Services classroom PCs. It appears under Start | All Programs.

Managed PCs

To install NVivo on staff and research graduate PCs managed by IT Services follow these steps:

  • from the Start Menu search for and open Software Center
  • locate the software under the Available Software tab
  • click on the Install button in the lower right

Once installed, it will appear under Start | All Programs.

Unmanaged PCs and home use

Staff and students are able to install NVivo on unmanaged University owned PCs and personally owned devices.

Installation files

NVivo is available for Windows and Mac. Please download the link below:

Licence code

A licence code is required to activate NVivo. The same licence code will activate both the Windows and Mac versions:

Differences and compatibility between NVivo for Windows and Mac

Users who are familiar with NVivo for Windows should be aware that NVivo for Mac doesn't contain all the same features. Please see this NVivo Feature Comparison chart for a break down of the differences.

Please also note that projects created on Windows cannot be opened on a Mac and vice versa. However, QSR International provide a guide to transferring NVivo projects between Windows and Mac.

Documentation, training and support




IT Services has no expertise in qualitative data analysis and is unable to offer user support for NVivo.