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Machine registration: LAN database

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This page is for Departmental Computing Officers who wish to connect machines to the network.

For a machine to connect to the wired network on campus, it normally must be registered in the LAN Database.

DCOs can use Men and Mice to add machines to the LAN Database.

Log in to Men and Mice » (DCOs only)



IT Services staff and DCOs who have received training can access and edit the LAN DB using Men and Mice.

Contact the IT Support for further information.

For a machine to work with the wired network on campus it normally must be registered in the LAN Database. This includes PCs in staff offices

The exception is machines using 802.1X authentication on our 'one port fits all' sockets. These are currently being rolled out across the University, and are a feature of all new buildings. See the Wired network: students page for more information.

Departmental Computing Officers (DCOs) can use Men and Mice to access and edit their department's LAN database entries.

Registering a device in the LAN database:

  • adds an entry for it in the DNS Service
  • includes it within the DHCP service so that network configuration information can be sent to the device as it starts up

DCOs will normally be responsible for adding and removing machines in their department.

Please note: To ensure efficient use of IP address ranges on campus, if a device has not been seen on the network for a period of 18 months and has a public address (144.32.x.y), we may delete it from the LanDB to reclaim its IP address for use.

Using Men and Mice

Access to Men and Mice

You will be given access to Men and Mice once you have attended our LAN Database Training Course for DCOs.

Log in to Men and Mice ยป (DCOs only)

Log in with the following details:

  • Server: localhost
  • Username: itsyork\abc1 (where abc1 = your username) 
  • Your University of York password 

DCOs who have not attended our training course can send their requests for registrations/changes to the IT Support.

Registering a device for the main Campus Network

To register a machine in the LAN Database, you will need to provide:

  • its Ethernet address (also known as its MAC or physical address) - see the Help tab
  • its location -  room number and/or network socket number
  • who to contact if we identify a problem with the device's connection or its use

Additional information can be recorded in the LAN Database for a device, which can be helpful to us when support enquiries are sent in about it. For example,

  • serial number
  • operating system


Help & troubleshooting


How to find a machine's Ethernet address:

Library & IT Help Desk

If you're having problems connecting a machine to the network, get in touch with the IT Support.

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Your responsibilities

We expect DCOs who have been on our training course to manage the devices for their department in the LAN Database, whilst taking care not to affect or modify those belonging to others.