Accessibility statement


It's important to choose a strong password, change it regularly, and never share it with anyone.

IT Services staff will never ask you for your password, either in person, on the phone or by email.

How to change your password

To update your password follow these steps:

This also includes information on using security questions to reset your password, how to update your stored passwords, and what to do if you didn't change your password before it expired.

Password policy

A password policy is a set of requirements to ensure that passwords are strong and changed on a regular basis.

All staff and associate staff must change their password at least once a year, and more often if you're working with sensitive data.

Choose a strong password

Choosing a password can seem tricky - a weak password will be easy for people or automated attack tools to work out, while a strong one may seem hard to remember.

Here are some tips and guidelines for picking a password:

Password managers

Password managers securely store your usernames and passwords for you.

You'll only need to remember your master password for the password manager to access your other credentials.