Accessibility statement

York Print Plus for visitors


View the copying charges:

  • On notices next to the York Print Plus devices
  • On the charges webpage

Top up your card at the Library Help Desk during staffed hours.

If you're visiting the University Library (either on the main campus or at King's Manor), you can use the York Print Plus devices for photocopying.

Please note: visitors can't use this service to print or scan.

Visit the Library Help Desk during staffed hours to get a York Print Plus card. You'll need to pay a £2 deposit, and add the credit you need. 

Please note: we can only accept cash payments for visitor copy cards and credit.

You can keep the card for as long as you need it. However, if there is no activity on the card for more than 12 months, any remaining credit will expire and the card will be cancelled.

How to use the York Print Plus devices

To photocopy on a York Print Plus device:

  1. Place the document facing up or down as appropriate
  2. Swipe your card
  3. Press Copy
    • Use the keypad to change the number of copies
    • Copies are black & white by default. For colour copies (where available) press Colour/Black, select Colour then OK
    • To customise settings, use the individual options
    • Press Help for more information
  4. When you’ve set the options and number of copies, press the green Start button

 Should you require a refund of any spoiled copies, contact the Library Help Desk as soon as possible. We are unable to refund these retrospectively.