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Emanuele Lugli appointed as Gastwissenschaftler

Posted on 20 March 2014

Emanuele Lugli has been invited to be Gastwissenschaftler (visiting professor) at Florence's Kunsthistorisches Institut for Summer 2014 and beyond.

Whilst there, he will be organising a workshop on Il Velo: Drawing In/Screening Off - Metaphors of the Veil in Early Modern Italy (June 11-13), at which a number of York academics will be speaking.

The KHI (Kunsthistorisches Institut) in Florence is one of the oldest research institutions dedicated to the history of art and architecture in Italy. In addition to numerous individual research projects, the Institute provides a platform for major long-term projects whose subject matter ranges from Late Antiquity to the Modern Age. The promotion of international young scientists and academics is also high on its agenda. With its full programme of public academic events and up to 100 visitors daily, the KHI is a unique, open platform for lively, international and interdisciplinary academic exchange.