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Patterning Pattern/Figuring the Decorative

Wednesday 6 May 2015, 11.00AM to 5.00pm

Patterning pattern

We are delighted to present this extraordinary event involving art historians, mathematicians, chemists, and digital theorists to think across disciplinary boundaries about Pattern and Decoration. 

This international collaboratory investigates the patterning of pattern / the figuring of decoration  in different disciplines. How do different disciplines recognise, describe, resist, or utilise 'pattern' or 'decoration'? What status are they accorded? What new possibilities do they open up? What might be​ learn​ed​ from such 'patterns' of thinking about pattern/ adornment?


10:30 Coffee

11:00 Helen Hills (University of York): Introduction

11:15 Keynote: Robert Zwijnenberg (University of Leiden):  Aesthetics and Ethics. How to tell an Artwork from a Scientific Image

12:00 Maria-Anna Aristova (University of York):  Locating the Decorative― Architecture and Beyond

12:10 Martin Nixon (University of York): Pattern and Coherence in the Palazzo Biscari, Catania

12:20 Julie Wilson (University of York): Molecular patterns: What can we Learn from Chemical Analysis?

13:00 Lunch break

14:00 Michael Brennan (Trinity College, Dublin):  Disturbing Behaviour: Inside the Mind of the Pattern-breakers

14:20 Jane Hawkes (University of York): Order out of Chaos: the Art of Pattern in Anglo-Saxon England

15:00 Tea

15:30 Sanju Velani (University of York): Patterns Made by Fractions

16:00 Andrew Goffey (University of Nottingham): Abstracting Figures. Challenging Technoscientific Accounts of Pattern Recognition

17:00 Reception

Everyone is welcome.

Download the Patterning Pattern Programme (PDF , 27kb)

View the ‌Patterning Pattern Abstracts (PDF , 36kb)

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Location: The Bowland Auditorium, Berrick Saul Building