Department of English and Related Literature Modules 2018-9

 Core modules are compulsory for the named MA programme but can also be taken by students from other programmes as an option module.  

Module choice forms will be distributed in late August. There may be the opportunity to take modules offered by other departments. Contact the relevant department for more information. 

Please note that modules may not run if they are undersubscribed, and ballots may need to be held for modules that are oversubscribed.  You may change your mind about the modules you choose, before they start.

  Autumn Term 2018

Reading Modernity 2018/9 (PDF  , 156kb) (core module for MA Modern Contemporary Literature & Culture)

Film-Literature Encounters 2018 Syllabus (PDF  , 154kb) (core for MA Film and Literature)‌ 

Debating Global Literary Culture (PDF  , 645kb) (core for MA Global Literature and Culture) 

Poetry and Poetics Programme 2018 (MS Word  , 68kb) (core for MA Poetry and Poetics) 

Questioning the Victorians 2018/19 (PDF  , 209kb) (core for MA Victorian Literature & Culture)

Romantic MA Core Course 2018/19 (MS Word  , 13kb) (core for MA Literature of the Romantic Period)

Shakespeare 2018/19 (PDF  , 122kb)(core for MA Renaissance Literature 1500-1700)

Framing the Contemporary (core for MA Culture and Thought After 1945, offered by Centre for Modern Studies)

Changes of Meaning, Narratives of Change (core module for MA Eighteenth Century Studies, offered by the Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies)

Unspeakable Bodies: Theorising Queer & Abject Embodiment (MS Word  , 25kb)

Sicily on Page and Screen (MS Word  , 252kb)

"Poetry and the Visual Arts" (MS Word  , 67kb)

Why Read Literature? (PDF  , 456kb) Lessons from the Renaissance (and Beyond)

England in Europe: Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture

Tales of Transformation: Late Medieval Romance (PDF  , 296kb)

The Villains of Romantic Gothic (PDF  , 329kb)


 Spring Term 2019

Narrative, Fiction, Theory (PDF  , 143kb)

Useful Cinema: Documentary, Educational, and Activist Film

Political Fictions (PDF  , 130kb)

Channel Crossings: French and English Poetry in Conversation 1850-1930 (PDF  , 134kb)

Sugar, subjectivity, sexuality and style: The fiction of Elizabeth Bowen

Religion and the Book (PDF  , 81kb)

From Wollstonecraft to Jane Austen:Femininity and Literary Culture

Literature, Medicine, Metropolis, 1780-1850

Viking Poetry (PDF  , 72kb)

The Medieval Book

 Modules offered by other departments

Please contact the relevant department for more information, and indicate on your Module Choice Form which module you wish to take.  Some suggestions can be found below, but you are not limited to modules in these departments.

History of Art

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