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Recording Studios

Recording Studio 1 located in the Electronic Engineering Building

Recording Studio 2 located in the Electronic Engineering Building

The Live Room located in the Electronic Engineering Building

The Music Studio at the Genesis 6 Building

The Recording Studio located in the Genesis 6 Building

The Listening Room

The Listening Rig located in the Genesis 6 Building

Quick Facts

  • The department has three 16 track digital recording studios across two campus locations
  • All studios use MOTU, AVID and Genelec hardware
  • We have over 160 microphones, extensive drum hardware guitars, amplification and Pianos and synths from Nord, Sequential Circuits and Moog
  • We have a large collection of external recording equipment and microphones
  • Our listening room contains 50 full-range Genelec speakers

Studios virtual tour

Take a virtual tour of our recording studio suite comprising five acoustically treated well equipped rooms: three recording studios and two live rooms.

Studio 1

Studio 1 represents a traditional analogue recording solution interfaced with the latest digital recording technology. The studio is centred round an Audient Zen 16 channel automated mixing
desk connected to a custom-built PC running a variety of DAW software. I/O is provided by a MOTU 16A audio interface, and additional Focusrite microphone preamps provide extra recording options. The studio features stereo monitoring with both Genelec 8040A and Yamaha NS10 speakers. Nord Stage and Lead keyboards provide MIDI input and a wealth of high-quality sounds for production. A 42” LCD monitor is available for sound-to-picture work, and the studio shares an adjoining live room with Studio 2. Software available includes Steinberg Nuendo and Cubase Pro, Pro Tools, Reaper and Ableton Live Studio.

Studio 2

Studio 2 provides 5.1 surround sound monitoring with Genelec 8040A speakers, as well as a stereo pair of Yamaha NS10s. A custom-built PC provides the same software suite provided in Studio 1, paired with an Avid S3 digital control surface. Focusrite preamps provide microphone input, and a MOTU 16A interface provides I/O. Studio 2 features a 65” TV for sound-to-picture work, as well as an SPL Goldmike preamp for vocal work. An 88-key Nord Piano is installed for MIDI/sound input, alongside a Dave Smith Prophet analogue synth. Studio 2 shares the adjoining live room with Studio 1.

Live Room (Studios 1 & 2)

The central live room has 16 microphone lines each to Studio 1 and 2, and includes a monitor that can mirror the displays in Studio 1 or 2 for sound-to-picture work. Two adjacent store rooms containing an array of equipment for recording work. These include:

  • A range of 100+ microphones for vocal and instrumental applications
  • 8 headphone channels around the room
  • Pearl drum kit with a selection of snare drums and cymbals
  • A range of percussion items
  • Electric and acoustic guitars, plus bass guitar
  • Fender, Laney and Vox guitar amps plus DI and Re-amp boxes

Genesis 6 Studio

The third studio is located in Genesis 6, in the nearby York Science Park. It features the same custom-PC and software as the other studios, plus a MOTU 16A audio interface and Focusrite microphone preamps. It also features 7.1.4 surround sound monitoring (Genelec 8040A/8030A), a 32” LCD TV for video work, 16-channel Avid Artist control surfaces and transport controls, and a Nord Stage 2 and Roland Juno-Di keyboards. An adjacent live room contains Fender, Vox and Laney guitar and bass amplifiers, 4-channel headphone monitoring, and an LCD screen for Foley or voice- over work. A range of microphones and other equipment is also provided.

Listening Room

Our Listening suite contains a bespoke spherical loudspeaker array, comprising 50 full-range Genelec speakers, driven by a Dante-enabled audio system. This permits the reproduction of Ambisonic source material up to 5th order. The system also includes a high-resolution motion tracking system to facilitate head-tracked binaural reproduction research. The suite is equipped with a range of 3d microphones including first and second-order Ambisonic mics and a 32-channel Eigenmike, as well as a GRAS KEMAR manikin. VR research is enabled using a range of VR headsets including the Oculus Rift S and HTC Vive Pro.

External recording equipment

A wide range of equipment is also available for location recording of assignments or personal projects. A large selection of microphones is available for loan, along with both portable recorders up to 8 tracks, and USB audio interfaces up to 8 tracks.


Andrew Chadwick
Music Studio Manager
tel: +44 (0)1904 324235