Recording Studios

Andrew Chadwick
tel: +44 (0)1904 324235

The department possesses its own recording studio suite consisting of seven acoustically treated rooms: three studios, two live rooms and two Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) production rooms.

Studio 1

Studio 1 is a traditional analogue recording solution, interfacing with the latest digital recording technology. The studio is centred round an Audient Zen 16 channel automated mixing desk. Recording is facilitated using a custom built PC based DAW running Steinberg Nuendo 6 audio recording and processing software with Focusrite audio hardware. Together with the analogue desk and digital recording hub are a selection of Drawmer outboard processors for compression, limiting and gating, and a Roland MIDI keyboard for input. Mastering solutions are provided, including Steinberg Wavelab audio editing software, Reaper (an alternative DAW which is affordable for students) and Sony Vegas Professional for video editing. Synthesis and sampling options are provided by Steinberg’s Halion Sonic 2 and the Pianoteq physically-modelled piano plugin. This software is standard throughout the studio suite and also present on around 40+ classroom PCs. A 42” LCD monitor is available for post-production, Foley or voice-over work.

Studio 2

‌‌Studio 2 is a purely digital studio designed for audio post-production and surround-sound work. It offers the same Nuendo 6 and Focusrite platform together with an Avid 16 channel digital control surface front end and transport control, and Genelec 5.1 surround sound monitoring. A 65” 4k monitor screen is available for 4k HD video playback. Software is equivalent to Studio 1. A small voice over booth with fold out acoustic doors is built onto a wall facing the screen for voice over/Foley use.

Live Room

Studios 1 & 2 are connected via balanced microphone patchbays to the central Live Room where small ensemble recording can take place. This room provides:

  • A range of 120 microphones for vocal and instrumental applications
  • 8 headphone channels around the room.
  • Enclosed, acoustically treated drum booth.
  • 2 full drum kits, 6 snare drums and 3 sets of cymbals by Ziljian, Paiste and Sabian.
  • A wide range of percussion items.
  • A Roland electronic piano.
  • Squier 6 string and bass guitars and Takamine classical and acoustic guitars.
  • Marshall valve bass and lead amps, Vox AC30 valve amp and Laney cab and amp head interface for re-amping.
  • An original MiniMoog vintage analogue synthesiser.
  • A central AV monitor for synchronising Foley work to either Studio 1 or Studio 2

Digital Audio Workstation Production Rooms 1 and 2

‌These two smaller rooms each contain a PC running the same software as found in Studios 1 and 2, together with a MIDI controller keyboard. These rooms allow preparatory work to be completed prior to using the main studio control rooms, or alternatively smaller projects can be completed here. The Studio Suite is used for teaching purposes, but can also be booked for assignments or personal use by students. Recent upgrades now provide full audio, video and data networking between the Control Rooms, Live Room and the Digital Media Suite. This provides a fully integrated multimedia production environment, enabling full audio-for-video production work for teaching and research-based activities. Studio suite provision is also enhanced by 40+ Nuendo audio workstations in our departmental PC labs for large group teaching and student-led assignment or personal use.

Genesis 6 Studio

The third studio is located in Genesis 6, in the nearby York Science Park. A purely digitally-based studio, it features Genelec 7.1 surround monitoring, a 32” LCD TV for video work, and 16-channel Avid control surfaces and transport controls. Software is equivalent to the other studios, featuring Nuendo 6, Reaper, and Sony Vegas. An adjacent live room contains Marshall and Laney guitar and bass amplifiers, 4-channel headphone monitoring, and an LCD screen for Foley or voice-over work. 

 External recording equipment

A wide range of location digital recording equipment is also available for location recording. A large selection of microphones is available for loan. Choices from approximately 150 microphones, 20 recorders including up to 8 tracks, 6 digital interfaces, microphone stands, cables and various other accessories.