Personal support and welfare


We provide tailored advice for distance learners on paying your tuition fees and what you should do if you are struggling financially. 


The distance learning community has a large number of students who are also carers - those who care for a family member or relative needing support due to an illness, disability, mental health condition or an addiction. For information on the support available to carers please visit the webpage. 


If a personal, work or family problem, a disability, or illness is affecting your studies you may need additional support. Your personal supervisor from your course should be your first point of call for advice and there are specialist welfare support services that can be accessed by distance learners. 

Health & Wellbeing

Being happy and healthy no doubt contributes to making your studies - and everything else going on in your life - easier to handle. You'll find lots of great information about how to 'be and stay' well on our health and wellbeing pages. 

Exceptional Circumstances

Sometimes things happen beyond your control that either have an impact on your performance during an assessment or prevent you from undertaking the assessment at the scheduled time. If these events are unforeseeable and exceptional, they may be classed as exceptional circumstances and you may be able to defer or re-sit an assessment.

If unforeseeable and exceptional circumstances do occur, you must seek support and provide evidence as soon as possible.

The Exceptional Circumstance Claim Form along with further information on submitting a claim can be found on the Exceptional Circumstances website.

Exceptional Circumstances Website