Year 4 at York

Literature review skills module (10 credits)
Core advanced Chemistry - open learning (20 credits)
Research project (90 credits)

For the open learning course, you can select from a range of topics.

Research Project

The research project, started in the Autumn Term, is normally carried out in the laboratory of your project supervisor. This gives you the opportunity to work within a research group, learn something of the work which others in the group are doing, and use the appropriate equipment and instrumentation.

  • by the end of Year 3 you will have done some preliminary planning with your project supervisor.
  • in Year 4 you will receive training in the use of computer-based search techniques to identify literature relevant to your project.

View examples of Research Projects


The assessment of your performance in Year 4 is based on:

  • your execution of the project
  • the project report you produce
  • an oral presentation

The project and the activities which accompany it give you valuable training in a considerable range of skills, and it is not unusual for project work to be published in scientific literature.