Organic chemistry research group

The group reflects the two main York themes of synthetic and physical organic chemistry. 

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Areas of interest

The specific areas of interest include:

  • free radical chemistry and EPR spectroscopy, nanochemistry (Dr Victor Chechik)
  • total synthesis of complex natural products, stereocontrolled synthesis of oxygen- and nitrogen-containing heterocyclic molecules, prebiotic chemistry and asymmetric catalysis (Dr Paul Clarke)
  • advanced synthetic chemistry, catalysis and mechanism (Professor Ian Fairlamb)
  • asymmetric synthesis and catalysis, organolithium chemistry, new synthetic methodology, synthesis of chiral nitrogen heterocycles, medicinal chemistry, fragment-based drug discovery (Professor Peter O'Brien)
  • radical chemistry (Professor Andrew Parsons)
  • bio-organic chemistry (Dr Anne Routledge)
  • self-assembly and supramolecular chemistry applied to nanomaterials and nanomedicine (Professor David Smith)
  • synthetic methodology and bioactive natural product synthesis (Professor Richard Taylor)
  • green organic chemistry (Professor Michael North)
  • novel methods to synthesise functionalised molecules: macrocycles, spirocycles, heterocycles and natural products (Dr Will Unsworth)

The organic group has strong collaborative links with other interdisciplinary areas of activity in York including clean synthesis, materials, biological chemistry and biology There are also numerous external collaborations both academic and industrial. 

Current members 

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