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How you can interact with the Department

If you are a York Chemistry graduate, please do get in touch, as we would like to hear what you’ve been up to since leaving York – share your good news with us.

We’d like to hear about your employment news, job changes, personal achievements, life changes and any other news that you have. For example, we were delighted to hear that Professor Stephen Clarson was awarded the American Chemical Society 2010 Chemist of the Year and Associate Professor Terence Warner, from the University of Southern Denmark published a book on solid-state chemistry.

We enjoyed reading world-leading Chemist Andy Bell's (1979-1982) article, 'Viagra: an overnight success', where he talked about inventing one of the biggest selling drugs in the world. 

We always enjoy hearing about a wide range of careers that our graduates go on to do, including Millie Perkins (2010-2014) who works in the cyber security industry at KPMG.

There are various ways we can interact, including:

  • Increasingly, groups of alumni have been returning to York for celebratory weekends. Perhaps you would like to arrange to look around the Department and to talk over old times? Alternatively, perhaps you would like to attend one of our seminars? Or perhaps, you would like to visit the Department on a University Open Day?
  • We publicise profiles of professionals who studied Chemistry at York at undergraduate or postgraduate level. Perhaps you would be willing to write a profile?
  • We ask Chemistry alumni to talk about their careers to our undergraduate students at careers events. Perhaps you would like to give a short presentation?
  • As part of our popular Year in Industry course, our students spend up to one year in paid and structured industrial training in the chemical industry. Perhaps you are able to offer a placement opportunity in your company?
  • We offer a variety of scholarships for our undergraduate and postgraduate students, some funded by our alumni.
  • There are also opportunities to sponsor teaching or research equipment. Giving regularly, even just a small amount, will make a huge difference to our students. Perhaps you are able to make a donation?
  • We encourage Chemistry alumni to contribute to Chemistry Review, a full colour magazine for post-16 chemists, which is commissioned and edited at York.  Perhaps you would be willing to write an article?