Project overview

This exciting project will deliver a brand new central welcome point to the campus as well as a new student centre and surrounding public realm. 

University Square is located centrally on campus west, linking the Library with Market Square and Greg’s Place. 

It is hoped that the student centre building, part of the wider project, will be innovative and sustainable, with numerous multi-function spaces to suit all users for years to come. The building may include:

  • Flat floor event spaces
  • Student union offices
  • Spaces for clubs and societies
  • Licensed areas
  • Retail units
  • Chill out areas
  • Link to the library 
  • Outdoor seating

We are very much in the early stages of engagement and design, and no decision has been made as to what exactly the building or its surroundings will look like.

We are keen that as many people as possible from current students and staff,  to our alumni and future students have their say on what this building could, and should, offer. here will be multiple ways for everyone to give their opinion across the life of the project, truly making it a building for students, designed with students.


The initial development stage of the project started in mid-2021 and, once approved, it is hoped that the building will be completed by 2025.


  • The student centre will pull together both our student unions and the university into a single central space for the benefit of all our students.
  •  Welcome point for anyone arriving at the university
  • Close links with the library to seamlessly integrate study and down times.
  • Creative and innovate design to inspire all users
  • A variety of flexible spaces available for multiple uses.
  • Landscaped external areas better connecting University Road area with Greg’s Place and the lake

Contact us

More questions? Please email the Campus Development Team

Contact us

More questions? Please email the Campus Development Team