Generating Respect Hub

News | Posted on Friday 9 February 2024

On 30 January 2024, Professor Ioana Cismas and Samantha Holmes represented CAHR and the Generating Respect Hub at Watchlist’s Annual Policy Workshop on Children and Armed Conflict.

The workshop served to engage participants in identifying priorities and developing recommendations for concrete, targeted actions to be taken in the coming year within the framework of the UN Security Council’s children and armed conflict agenda. Professor Cismas moderated the session on ‘Strengthening Accountability for Grave Violations Against Children in Armed Conflict’ where participants reflected on progress, lessons learned, and continuing barriers toward holding perpetrators accountable for grave violations against children in armed conflict at the international, regional, and domestic levels. The panel made some key observations in response to the impunity gap for violations against children; including, the need to mainstream a child rights perspective into all accountability mechanisms from the very beginning to counter the adult-centric nature of such mechanisms, the non-homogenous nature of children experiencing armed conflict and therefore the importance of considering intersectionality within accountability mechanisms, and the importance of agency for children within accountability processes.